Tips for Attending College Open Days

The visits to the universities through the open days can mean everything when choosing a study center. Considering that you are going to spend several years of your life in that center, do not you think it’s worth going through the universities that interest you to know them thoroughly and make the best decision?

There are many reasons why you should go to one of these open houses. We even recommend that you go to several to be able to compare because after all, the objective is to opt for a university.

The first reason why it would be advisable to visit an open day is that you can find all the information related to the academic offer that, otherwise, through the web, for example, will never be so detailed. During open days, universities establish new criteria, new regulations and, of course, new degrees; therefore, what better than the university itself to explain the changes that its academic offer has suffered.

Knowing the facilities of the university is another reason why you could approach an open day. Thanks to the guided tours you can learn first hand the physical environment in which, if you choose that center, you will spend a few years studying. You can see how are the classrooms, the library, the cafeteria, the sports facilities, the campus … Would not you like to see how inside that university you like so much?

And like the facilities, it is necessary to know the services offered by each center. Is there a reprography and stationery service or do I have to leave the campus to make photocopies? How is the cafeteria? Are there theater groups? Can I participate in a research group? These questions and all that you can think of can be resolved in the open days.

And if you still do not see the usefulness, think that with a single visit you can get a very precise idea of ​​the university environment: you will meet professors and students who can give you their particular vision of the center, something that you should not disdain, since they, especially the students, are the most suitable to let you know the university from a practical point of view.

By the way, if you go to an open day, we recommend that you do it in the company of family or friends because although you will be the one to make a decision, it is always good to have other opinions.

Why is it important to go to host days when choosing a university?

If you must choose a university, use all the facilities that are given to pre-university students

• The open days are a type of activity that will bring you closer to the place where you will spend the next years.

• We give you some reasons why you should take into account the host days and participate in them.

• Create your own ranking and decide which university best suits your training and professional requirements.

Choosing a university is a process in which you must invest time and value all the possibilities within your reach.

To carry out this decision, it may be very useful to make your own ranking of universities or, at least, make a list of the priorities you must meet:

• Degree offered.

• The cut note.

• Faculty and teaching program.

• Price of the registration and access to scholarships.

• Facilities and campus location.

• Agreements and collaborations made by the university.

Along with this previous work, the day of reception for pre-university students is a type of event organized by the universities with the idea that future students can learn more about the campus.

The open days usually collect a series of very useful activities to know the operation and the day to day of your future university.

What gives me the host days when choosing a university?

1. It is better than you see it yourself to be told

Because to have an opinion of your own, it is best to see it for yourself and be able to get a concrete and effective idea.

Do not be afraid to go alone or leave behind because your classmates do not care. Go to the appointment and share the experience with other pre-university students with the same interests as you.

2. Talk to college students

University volunteers usually participate in this type of activities so that the experience is closer so that you can ask them the concerns you have and know their opinions closely.

3. Visit the facilities

It is a very good opportunity to know and check the equipment available to the university, from the library to the specific classrooms to carry out work and research.

If you opt for a technical or scientific career, it is a good time to visit the laboratories of the campus and see the technology they have.

4. It is a good time to ask for opinions

If in your case, you have very clear the degree you want to do because you want to develop a specific job or get involved in research projects, the host days are perfect for you to raise these issues to the counselor who receives you.

You can also talk with teachers and students, so do not hesitate to ask your purpose and see if that is the most appropriate degree and faculty to achieve your goals.

5. Live the university spirit

Because it is the best way to make an impression and know how you feel.

Remember that there are many factors that can intervene in your decision, but among them the vocation and passion are also relevant and will accompany you the rest of your career.

Go ahead and visit the universities and learn more about how they work!

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